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BDF. Handle brings the freedom of independent and safe driving to people, who are unable to use their legs but have fully or partially functional upper body. It is used by paraplegics, quadriplegics with milder case of physical disability, people without legs, patients with multiple sclerosis, dwarf people and others, who can’t operate a vehicle due to any extent of leg dysfunctionality.

BDF. Handle is a mechanical easy-to-use hand controlled lever, completly adaptable to any user - one can choose its height, tilt and its shift. The handle enables a stepless adjustment of throttle and braking power, providing a safe and incomparably enjoyable drive.

Ročica BDF podatki
Ročica BDF podatki
Ročica BDF

BDF. Handle

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  • Wooden handle
  • Adjustable height
  • The BDF hand control holder allows movement towards and away from the central console
  • Non-sequential adjusting of the rods for accelerating and braking
  • The BDF hand control is mechanical and bearings allow for so-called clearance - an option to set the sensitivity according to individual desire and needs.
  • Weight 2,20 kg (4.85 lbs), Height 480 mm (18.9"), Width 110 mm (4.33"), Thickness 25 mm (1")