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BDF - Handschaltung

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  • Handschaltung aus Holz
  • Höhe einstellbar
  • Stufenlose Hebeleinstellen der Stangen fürs Bremsen und Gas geben
  • Die Einstellenmöglichkeit der Handschaltung (nach vorne und zurück) - näher oder weiter von Autofahrerhand
  • Die Handschaltung ist mechanisch und ermöglicht wegen der Lager die s.g. Luftigkeit
  • die Möglichkeit des Einstellens der Handschaltungsempfindlichkeit hinsichtlich der Wünsche und Bedürfnisse der Einzelperson
  • Gewicht 2,20 kg, Höhe 480 mm, Breite 110 mm, Dicke 25 mm
  • Materialien aus rostfreiem Stahl, Aluminium und Holz
Hand Control Hand Control Hand Control Hand Control Hand Control

Hy Dom. My review would be: I bought it for my mom, she have multiple sclerosis. I've already tried it by myself in my Toyota Hybrid Rav4 – 2016. It is pretty easy to install. I was able to drive immediately. You just push or pull the lever. That is it. It does not require a lot of force and its so smooooooth. I was little bit worried because my mom doesnt have so strong hands, but she is loving it. Last week she drove to cousin wedding (3h) and no problem. I think all should use it. Forget home made, portable hand controls. Be safe people.  

Max Ravenna, Canada, Maj 2014
Hand Control Hand Control Hand Control Hand Control Hand Control

These work just as well as advertised, great product. I would suggest a spinner wheel (they have it also) for the steering wheel. I've been paralyzed for 20 years and I had drive cars before, but with this BDF control I know I will never stop beeing self-dependant. Never had so awsome product. If you want to have full control of your car spend the money and get BDF installed.

Johhny Marks, ZDA, Avgust 2015