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Ročica BDF



Manufacturing – Pesjak d.o.o.

BDF. Handle are manufactured at the family company Pesjak d.o.o., at the foot of the Julian Alps, where for many years we've been involved in creating highly advanced technical products for international companies within the electrical and mechanical industry, as well as logistics for larger domestic and foreign partners. As much as 95 % of our long term partners are foreign companies which value quality and reliability of our products. Our advantages besides quality are highly qualified staff, reliability and compliance with agreed deadlines.


Sales, marketing and distribution – BREND7 D.O.O.

When asked who we are and what we do, we gladly answer that we love to study processes, goals and working methods of our customers, which we then improve and reassemble, to make them faster, better, bigger. We even more gladly answer that we help transform companies into stronger, faster, more efficient and proactive versions of themselves. We strive towards combining data successfully by using human resources and other means, which we then use together with practical experience for solving demanding challenges customers encounter in sales or marketing.

Ročica BDF podatki