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In order to use the BDF Hand Control, a vehicle with automatic transmission is required, which is the only requirement for the installation. No other modification of a vehicle is necessary. The installation does not change the operation of a vehicle since accelerator and brake pedals remain unobscured, thus allowing normal operation for people without limited movement of legs. The main bracket of the BDF Hand Control flange is screwed under the seat slider bracket (the existing screws of the bracket are used). The uniquely designed longitudinal bracket allows adjustments to various types of vehicles, therefore subsequent readjusting is possible. There are also no traces of usage in the car interior even after a potential removal, without any damage on liners or other parts of the vehicle.


With the help of the BDF Hand Control, a disabled person-driver can operate a vehicle manually - using the lever to accelerate (by moving it backward) and to brake (by moving it forward). In terms of safety, it is particularly important that both of these functions can't be performed simultaneously.



Our goal is to provide the freedom of mobility.
We want to help all disabled people across the world, who do not believe they will again independently drive a car. With the BDF Hand Control we are changing the world and making it a better place. Together show that we do care.
We are seeking genuine partnerships with companies and individuals who would serve as intermediaries or agents for a commercial supply of the BDF Hand Control at specific markets. We offer full support on all levels to our business partners while simultaneously developing new products used to help the disabled.




Dear Sir or Madam! It will be our great pleasure to advise and assist you in choosing the BDF Hand Control for your vehicle. Please use the following link if you wish to receive an offer for a purchase of the BDF Hand Control for your vehicle.

For any additional technical information and inquiries please contact us at:
We will get back to you as soon as possible.


Quick and easy like never before. In order to protect the privacy of personal information, we kindly ask you to send the required information specified below to:, and we will send you the number of your order.

You then enter the received number of your order into the TNT logistics partner's system and you will be presented with the current status of your order.



The maintenance of the BDF Hand Control is relatively easy and simple. The maintenance of the BDF Hand Control should be limited to; external cleaning of the product with a dry cloth and maintenance of the wooden parts of the product. In no case should the user modify the components of the product, or change its settings or the affixation in the vehicle.

Since BDF Hand Control is 100% mechanical, it does not include electrical components, but multiple integral parts, therefore, authorised maintenance and regular servicing of the moving parts of the product is important. Regular annual service and inspection at an authorised professional is also a condition for validity of the 5 year warranty period. This way, the life span of the BDF Hand Control is extended and reliability of its operation improved.


Quality and your safety are our top priorities. We assure you that all of our authorised professionals exclusively use quality original spare parts, designed specifically for the BDF Hand Control. Therefore you can be sure that any repairs will maintain the initial performance, reliability and safety of the BDF Hand Control. Furthermore, our network of authorised partners guarantees that you won't wait long for specific spare parts. Each original spare part comes with a two-year warranty and we guarantee a 48h-hour delivery of any spare part via the TNT logistics partner. In order to book a maintenance check please get in touch with your closest authorised partner (AMZS d.d. in Slovenia), or contact us at:

In order to book a maintenance check please get in touch with your closest authorised partner (AMZS d.d. in Slovenia), or contact us at:


In case the owner of the BDF Hand Control fails to maintain the product in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions, the warranty becomes void and the owner shall cover the costs of the repairs in full.