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The B.D.F. Handle was created in Slovenia and is based on years of experience and expertise in the field of metalwork, acquired by the company Pesjak d.o.o.. It's a result of cooperation between visionaries, engineers and a paraplegic, who was unable to find a product on the market with adequate quality for manual operation of his vehicle. That's how the B.D.F. Handle was brought to life. It represents an upgrade and an update to these types of products on the market. It's patented, comes with all of the required technical documentation and certificates needed for its use. The B.D.F. Handle is also the only product in Slovenia described in the Equalisation of Opportunities for Persons with Disabilities Act (ZIMI), and is as such recognised as appropriate and safe to use.

B.D.F. Handle brings the freedom of independent and safe driving to people, who are unable to use their legs but have fully or partially functional upper body. It is used by paraplegics, quadriplegics with milder case of physical disability, people without legs, patients with multiple sclerosis, dwarf people and others, who can’t operate a vehicle due to any extent of leg dysfunctionality.

Due to its unique design, production and benefits, B.D.F. Control should be the FIRST choice for all of you who seek QUALITY, RELIABILITY and SEFETY.

Ročica B.D.F. podatki


With the use of the B.D.F. Handle, the driver accelerates (pulling it backwards) and brakes (pushing if forward) very easly. Both functions cannont be used simultaneously, which is particulary important in terms of safety. The use of the handle requires a vehicle with automatic gear transmission, which is also the only technical requirement for the installation. Once the handle is installed, the steering and operating of the vehicle does not change, due to unimpeded access to the pedals, therefore the vehicle can easly be driven by people without physical limitations as well. The handle is designed in a manner allowing its subsequent adjujstment to any driver’s need, while after eventual removal of the handle the vehicle remains without visible traces.


  • you brake by pushing the B.D.F. hand control forward,
  • you control the amount of brake force used with the rate at which you push the B.D.F. hand control.


  • you accelerate by pulling the B.D.F. hand control towards yourself,
  • if you pull the B.D.F. hand control towards yourself in a sudden and forceful way, you engage the so-called »kick-down« function, which shifts into a lower gear and results in fast acceleration.


  • Technical excellence - accompanied with full technical documentation.
  • Safe steering - simultaneous accelerating and braking impossible.
  • Adjustability to any user and his/her needs.
  • Allowing unimpeded driving with the pedals as well.
  • Hand crafted ergonomicaly designed wooden handle.
  • Excellent production, made of the highest quality materials.
  • Extremely simple installation and deinstallation without any visible traces in the vehicle. No welding, drilling or screwing.
  • Possible subsidised purchase of the handle*.

*Depending on the country regulations and laws.

Ročica B.D.F. podatki
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Hy Dom. My review would be: I bought it for my mom, she have multiple sclerosis. I've already tried it by myself in my Toyota Hybrid Rav4 – 2016. It is pretty easy to install. I was able to drive immediately. You just push or pull the lever. That is it. It does not require a lot of force and its so smooooooth. I was little bit worried because my mom doesnt have so strong hands, but she is loving it. Last week she drove to cousin wedding (3h) and no problem. I think all should use it. Forget home made, portable hand controls. Be safe people.  

Max Ravenna, Canada, Maj 2014
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These work just as well as advertised, great product. I would suggest a spinner wheel (they have it also) for the steering wheel. I've been paralyzed for 20 years and I had drive cars before, but with this B.D.F. control I know I will never stop beeing self-dependant. Never had so awsome product. If you want to have full control of your car spend the money and get B.D.F. installed.

Johhny Marks, ZDA, Avgust 2015