Thursday, April 19, 2018
MOBILITY FOR ALL 2018 event, which took place on CVV Vransko on 16.4.2018, is behind us. Not only did the weather last, the sun warm-up center of safe driving in Vransko, and we can say that the drivers were enthusiastic. Excited about the polygon, Toyota hybrids and BDF hand control. 
The discussion which took place at 11h with representatives of the government and other authorities, touched the problems of time consuming bureaucracy procedures for all those disabled drivers  took when acquiring a subsidisation for the purchase of vehicle driving aids. We believe that some further steps will also be made here. At the press conference we could saw a new promotional video of Toyota and BDF. The media was interested, the questions were the “right” one, energy also. At three in the afternoon, the polygon was full of drivers, all five Toyota hybrids equipped with a BDF hand control were in circulation until five in the afternoon. Exceptional day, exceptional hospitality and atmosphere, exceptional conditions, and especially EXCLUSIVE people. Everyone who came in and everyone who participated in this event WERE just AMAZING. Thank you.