Allgemeine Bedingungen


All orders placed by 12 o’clock during the week (from Monday to Friday) will usually be dispatched the following day, or no later than within 3 working days. Delivery times depend on the courier or postal service used and usually take 1 to 2 working days from the moment of dispatch. This applies to all products in stock at the time that the order was placed.

For products that are not in stock, or products supplied based on custom orders, the delivery time is generally between 14-30 working days from the day an order is received and confirmed. Customers will be informed of the delivery period via email and/or over the phone.  

Customers pay the costs of delivery when paying for the ordered products at the checkout of the hand-control-car webstore. Customers receive original invoice with detailed information upon delivery and in accordance with the general sale conditions published on the hand-control-car website.

Wrapping and packaging costs are covered by the webstore.

The seller is not responsible for any delays that occur on behalf of the provider of postal services, or damaged packaging. Customers should check the condition of goods they receive and immediately inform the postal service provider of any identified damages and with them create a report on the damages of the package. 

We reserve the right to extend the delivery period due to technical and other kinds of issues in the procedure. In such instances, we commit ourselves to inform the customer appropriately.

If you fail to receive confirmation of your purchase within 5 days since placing an order, we kindly ask you to let us know via email info[at]


Contractual partner for delivering packages is the TNT (TNT Holdings B.V.) Slovenia. This courier service will deliver your purchased product in the morning. If you’re unable to collect the goods at your home address, or at the address used on the invoice between 8am-3pm, you can arrange to have your package delivered to one of TNT delivery points between 8am-3pm. For more info contact your local TNT dealer.


Returning goods

In accordance with the Consumer Protection Act and based on recommendations of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia (CCIS) and the international code for providing e-services, customers have the right to return the purchased goods to seller without having to state a reason and without compensation. Nevertheless, the customer in this situation covers expenses occurred as a result of them returning purchased items. Customers must inform the provider in a written form of their intent to return items, or of their withdrawal from the contract/purchase no later than 14 days from the day they received goods, by using the address odlicno[at], and goods have to be returned within thirty (30) days. When returning goods, the customer must provide their bank account details to allow the seller to make a refund.  

In situations when a customer receives damaged goods, they are obliged to immediately inform the seller. If possible, the seller must replace the faulty item with the same kind of appropriate item. If that’s not possible, or if the customer does not agree with the proposed replacement, the seller offers customer full refund.

Complaints and disputes 

Disagreements and disputes subject to purchase or implementation of the “GENERAL BUSINESS CONDITIONS” will be solved reasonably by both contractual parties (seller and customer). In case parties fail to come to an agreement, the competent court in Celje shall settle the matter.

You can send your proposals, opinions, complaints and compliments to our email info[at] Any potential complaints will be dealt with as soon as possible, while proposals, opinions and compliments will kindly be accepted.



Due to the nature of online business, product-offer is updated and amended with new products and prices on the go.

Web price is the price valid for online purchases that get paid in full, with cash upon collection, or upon an offer/invoice paid to our business account, or payments made through the PayPal system.

Shipping costs

Shipping costs are calculated and defined on the order invoice and the receipt for the goods delivered. They are paid together with the amount of the order, upon collection of a package, or when making payment through a business account. The package will be delivered by the TNT (TNT Holdings B.V.) courier. If you’re unable to collect the goods (in the morning) at your home address, or at the address used on the invoice, you can arrange to have your package delivered to another location, since it is important that the package is delivered to an address where collection will be possible. In situations where no one is available for collection at the delivery address, the courier employee will leave a note informing customers where they will be able to collect their package or how to arrange another delivery attempt at the same address.

Payment for packages shipped using recorded delivery is subject to a provision fee, paid by the customer in accordance with the currently valid pricelist of the Pošta Slovenije or TNT, which we do not account for.


Payment methods

The provider offers the following methods of payment:

  • cash upon collection (web price valid)
  • transfer of funds to a business bank account (web price valid based on an offer/invoice)
  • payment via PayPal system

Prices shown on the webstore are net amounts, calculated in the shopping basket in gross amounts including VAT and marked with the amount of tax in %, unless exclusively stated otherwise.

Prices are valid at the time an order is placed.

If a price gets changed while the order is being processed, the provider will allow customer to cancel their purchase, or offer a solution that both parties find acceptable. 

Cash on delivery

You can order our products in our webstore and pay for them “upon delivery”, to the postal service provider when they deliver goods to your desired address. This applies exclusively for deliveries within the Republic of Slovenia.

Pro forma invoice payment

Products ordered in our webstore can be paid for by transferring funds to our business bank account.

When placing an order please specify if you’d like to pay for the desired products using the pro forma invoice. At the point of issuing an order, the web page will show the information required to transfer funds to our bank account and it will also be included in the e-mail which will be sent to your e-mail address immediately after placing an order.

If you’d like to receive the pro forma invoice in paper or physical form, you need to indicate this when placing an order using the field “notes”. The pro forma invoice is valid for three (3) days. We always appreciate if you let us know when a payment has been made. If we fail to receive payment from you within three (3) working days, we will cancel your order. If you’d still like to receive the ordered products, but your order was cancelled because of failing to make a payment, you must place an order and make a purchase once again.


Payment via PayPal 

If you order products and wish to pay for them using the PayPal service, the payment can be completed immediately. Payment made is visible on your PayPal account within a few minutes. If you order products and pay for them by noon on a working day, they will most likely be dispatched the same day and delivered (in most cases) the following working day. If your order is placed later, the products will most likely be dispatched the following working day, or no later than three (3) working days since placing an order. 

If we fail to receive funds on our PayPal account within a few days, we shall notify you via e-mail or telephone, using the number you have provided when placing an order.

Warning: Customers without an existing PayPal account, will not be able to make payments immediately, since creating a new PayPal account involves mandatory procedures not allowing immediate use and do not offer possibility of making payments. It usually takes approximately a week or two from the day an account is created until it becomes fully functional. Creating a PayPal account requires a valid credit card.

You can find more details about the PayPal service at the official website

Limit of liability 

Hand-control-car strives to ensure that information published on the site is updated regularly and is correct. However, delivery period and prices can change before all changes are applied to our website. In such instances, we tend to notify customers of any effective changes and allow them to cancel or exchange the ordered products.

Pesjak d.o.o. is allowed to withdraw from this contract only if an evident error is identified (Article 46 of the Code of Obligations). An error is considered evident, if there are errors found in key product characteristics and all other errors deemed crucial in trade or serving customer’s purpose, which the Pesjak d.o.o. company would not approve of, and would not agree to in a contract. This includes evident errors in price.


Protection of personal data

Provider is obliged to maintain and protect all personal customer data. They shall use personal data solely for the purpose of fulfilling their orders (sending informative material, offers, invoices) and other required communication.

Personal data of our customers is one of the areas we deal with very carefully and give special attention. 

Managers of the webstores GOBIG and BREND7 are obliged to protect personal information of its customers in accordance with the personal Data Protection Act (ZVOP-1-UPB1)

For the purpose of business, the webstore collects the following customer information:

  • name and surname,
  • address and place of residence,
  • e-mail address,
  • username,
  • password in a coded form,
  • all other information customers input in the forms online.

We do not account for the accuracy of the information provided by our customers. IP addresses used to access the website are also collected to ensure safety. For the purpose of identification and monitoring of shopping baskets, upon the initial visit, every user is assigned an ID cookie.







Webstore can also store certain permanent cookies on a customer’s computer:

  • user identification number in a coded form (for recognition during their consequent visit),
  • four Google Analytics system cookies (for analysing website’s visits)

All mentioned data, apart from cookies are permanently stored on the webstore’s server. Cookies are saved on the server memory only for the duration of a visit and get deleted after 1 hour of inactivity, whereas permanent cookies get stored on a visitor’s computer.  

Webstore’s manager has the permission to use data in an anonymised and summarised form for the purpose of statistical analysis.

Webstore’s manager will in no situation distribute user data to unauthorised individuals. Delivery services, (e.g. TNT) will only be provided with a user’s address required to complete the delivery. We will only get in touch with users by remote communication, if a user explicitly allows it.

Disclosure of personal data in exceptional circumstances

Data collected and processed by the webstore will be disclosed only if such an obligation is determined by law, or in good faith that such actions are necessary before court and other state authorities, and for protection and realisation of webstore’s legal interests.

Storing contracts and invoices

Concluded contracts or invoices and orders are stored at the Pesjak d.o.o. company, at their headquarters at Loka 1, 4290 Tržič. Customers wanting access to the stored data should contact info[at] or phone 051 67 66 67.