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Manufacturing – Pesjak d.o.o.

B.D.F. Handle are manufactured at the family company Pesjak d.o.o., at the foot of the Julian Alps, where for many years we've been involved in creating highly advanced technical products for international companies within the electrical and mechanical industry, as well as logistics for larger domestic and foreign partners. As much as 95 % of our long term partners are foreign companies which value quality and reliability of our products. Our advantages besides quality are highly qualified staff, reliability and compliance with agreed deadlines.


AMZS d.d. sale and installation

AMZS helps shape the mobility of the future and aims to contribute to the integration of solutions that confer mobility to every user. As a result, it dedicates particular attention to the most vulnerable road users. AMZS strives to offer solutions that help them begin (and continue) driving without compromising on safety.

AMZS is the exclusive seller of the B.D.F. handle and offers counselling, professional installation and certification. So visit one of the four AMZS Centres throughout Slovenia (Lenart, Ljubljana, Nova Gorica, Otočec) and get your one-year FREE-OF-CHARGE AMZS Disabled Driver Membership.

However, safety is also associated with the know-how and experience offered at the only closed road track in Slovenia with a safe driving programme suitable for disabled persons. In a safe environment under the watchful eye of driving instructors, you can test and become acquainted with the behaviour of your vehicle in critical situation simulations.

In a Toyota hybrid, you can check out the functioning of driving aids, including the B.D.F. handle. Others who are preparing to join the driver’s “club” can take advantage of the AMZS Driving School, suitable for disabled persons. Driving instructors accommodate to the needs of the candidate, so driver’s education is available throughout Slovenia. The project is backed by the Association of Paraplegics of Slovenia.

To collaborate in the creation of modern mobility is a responsible duty, its unique value clear in the cases when our activities improve the lives of individuals. It’s good to work for the benefit of all. The view is better and we #SeeFarther.

Maja Ambrož, Head of Marketing Communications, AMZS

Ročica B.D.F. podatki