We have enjoyed the weekend of smiles, pleasure, enthusiasm, optimism and happiness.

Tuesday, March 27, 2018
Planica 2018 and #PlanicaPraznikVseh is behind us.
We were the supporter of the project #planicapraznikvseh, which enabled the disabled people visit the Planica ski-jump event, which was held from 22-25.3. and which is, for Slovenians at least,  like a holiday. Some of them saw the ski-jumps in Planica for the first time in their lives, again others visited the Planica for the first time in general. We are proud that we have, together with other partners, proven that we can do a difference. That we can move the borders and that the taboos are gone. Planica became a holiday of all and this is how it should be. We are joining the minds of the organisers that we need to keep the project alive, increase it and expand it. But we are most proud of the words of the participants, that they feel safe, desirable and equal in PLANICA. THANK YOU OK PLANICA and thank you ZŠIS-POK that we were the part of this story.